So, Bodean’s have decided to risk mixing up their much-loved menu, opting for a new pick-n-mix formula. I’ve got mixed emotions and mixed opinions.

We rocked up at Bodean’s Old Street around 7:30pm on a Wednesday. Our charming hostess prepped the last available table for us, whilst I impressed the Mrs. with my extensive knowledge of American Soccerball, Nascars and the other televised Yankee sports that were being shown in the bar.

Mrs. Flavour and I are Bodean’s aficionados, especially on heavy gym days, where even the barbecue sauce qualifies as protein. Their menu has barely changed in years, keeping it simple for greedy carnivores like us to pick a platter, based on how big a portion of smoky deliciousness we can handle. We generally opt for the Bodean’s Platter, giving a sample of their finest burnt ends, pulled pork, juicy ribs and succulent chicken, with a side of fries and coleslaw for added gluttony. But not this time! What’s the deal Bodean’s? Why in the name of holy barbecue would you change the menu format?

After what seemed like an eternity of exchanging confused glances, my beautiful wife and I came to terms with the altered menu and decided to make a go of it. Gone are the set platters, Boss Hog et all, replaced with a pick and mix format. Every meat lover is now required to piece together their own platter, choosing a little pulled pork here, a Jacob’s ladder rib there and a saucy little sausage on the side for good measure. We decided to recreate our favourite combo but I had to shamefully whip out the futuristic calculator (phone) to check that we were getting a good deal. (Mrs. Flavour’s note: – Scrooge!). When we finally figured out what we wanted, our delightful waitress threw a curveball: “Would you like wet, or dry?” I beg your pardon young lady? Crude double entendre aside, we’d no idea what she was proposing. Turns out you now get the choice of having your meal pre-slathered with barbecue sauce, or not. Given that they still have big squeezy bottles of the stuff at the table, we selected option B.

I’m pleased to report, dear voracious barbecue bandits, that the food still burns serious butt. Slow cooking really does bring out the best in meat and that tasty dry rub smashes your taste buds harder than the Chicago Knicks Linebacker who just kicked a home run three pointer on the big screen to our right. I don’t know what they do to that chicken but they make the Nando’s folk next door look like cockerels. Burnt ends are the meaty equivalent of crack, pulled pork is like Redneck caviar and even the fries taste like the fourth of July. As always, a fabulous cellar of premium craft beers to wash it all down with. When our waitress asked how the food was, I did that sexy thing where you kiss your fingers then open them to show how delicious everything was. I looked to her like a handsome young Jean Dujardin. (Mrs. Flavour’s note: – You looked like a seedy old sod and the waitress looked nauseous).20170607_201225

Despite the glitch in the menu matrix, we enjoyed an excellent meal and will certainly return the next time we can’t be arsed cooking midweek. The brisk walk back to Chateau Flavour does little damage to all the mouthwatering calories consumed and I think it’s socially irresponsible to put a shop which sells chocolate between here and home. Looks like we’ll have to postpone those six packs again dear.


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