We are putting it out there early: Gymkhana is without doubt the best restaurant we’ve eaten at this year! Mrs. Flavour and I had heard great things about this Mayfair ensconced eatery and could think of no better place to celebrate our fourth year of wedded bliss. Indian cuisine seldom fails to light our fires and Gymkhana’s Michelin starred classic and contemporary dishes set our hearts ablaze.

The restaurant is inspired by the Indian Gymkhana clubs, where the social elites would mingle to drink and dine. The tasteful mahogany and leather interior made us feel like royalty and the zesty Gymkhana Club Gimlet ushered in an evening of decadence. Mrs. Flavour elegantly sipped her pretty Pink Gin & Tonic while I got lost in a menu filled with deliciousness. If left unchecked, I’ve a tendency to order one of everything before staggering home like a remorseful stuffed Rhino. As luck would have it, our sharply dressed waiter intervened with a few suggestions, both curbing my extravagant nature and getting me one step closer to that six-pack I’ve been after. (Mrs. Flavour’s note: – you’ve got a good few steps to go, sweetheart).

The starter was a hit! A fiery Kid Goat Methi Keema, which butted horns with our taste buds and delivered a blissful capsaicin high. The dish came with some fluffy buttered buns to help guide the spicy goodness to our mouths. Mrs Flavour was looking a little flushed and I had a layer of sweat on my brow….just like on our wedding night. (Mrs. Flavour’s note: – Yes, you were pretty drunk then too). We chose a crisp refreshing ‘Clos St. Landelin’ Riesling to cool our palettes, eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Next came the Lasooni Wild Tiger Prawns with red pepper chutney. The quality of this dish is best represented by that drooling face Homer Simpson makes when he thinks of something yummy. They were seriously awesome. However, nothing could top the next course.


I urge anybody reading this review to stop what they’re doing, book a table at Gymkhana and be sure to order the Tandoori Masala Lamb Chops with Kashmiri red onion and walnut chutney. Were I not already married to the beautiful Mrs. Flavour, I’d propose to the incredible chef who gave us this culinary miracle. Generously plump Lamb with a succulent pink middle and a smoky char grilled exterior. They came seasoned with exquisite sensitivity, striking the perfect balance between richness, heat and meltinthemouthness. Absolutely sensational! The Chicken Butter Masala delivered a more recognisable Indian dining experience, but when it comes to flavour, Gymkhana‘s version stands Elephant-like above your average curry house fare. Velvety smooth and laced with fresh ginger, it filled what little space we had left in our bellies.

The chef was kind enough to send out a Happy Anniversary dessert plate, making us fall deeper in love with this wonderful restaurant. The decor, ambience and service were all first class. When it comes to food, I’m struggling to remember a meal as enjoyable as the one we shared at Gymkhana that night. Gazing at Mrs. Flavour whilst eating exceptionally good food is how I’d like to spend the rest of my life. Having said that, I’d gladly swap her for another plate of those Lamb Chops.


42 Albermarle St, Mayfair, London, W1S 4JH




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