We were lucky enough to get an invite to the opening of The Allegory on Worship Street, so we brought along a few close friends to share the experience. We’re tipping this one for greatness! We sipped an array of delicious cocktails whilst picking at a selection of sharing boards. The smoky baba ghanoush from the mezze board was well received and the scrumptious n’duja spicy sausage flatbread didn’t stand a chance!

The mains were a master-class in how to make much loved dishes even better. A mouth watering sirloin steak sandwich with truffle dressing got nibbled on by all present. Mrs. Flavour and I shared a rib eye and a sirloin, both of which were delightfully char grilled and richly flavoured. Our petite friend struggled to finish her tasty beef and ale pie, much to the delight of the gluttons present. I can honestly say that the chips, available with a variety of fancy dressings were the best chips I’ve eaten in ages. The desserts were obscenely good and I’m unable to describe them without salivating over the computer.

Get yourselves down to this awesome restaurant ASAP. Please try to resist the urge to steal the blankets, jumpers and hot water bottles provided to keep al fresco diners warm.

The Allegory
1 Principal Place
Worship Street

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