With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Americophiles will soon be seeking a feast that would fill the Grand Canyon. However, we’re not all crazy ‘bout Cranberry sauce or peachy-keen for Pumpkin Pie. The good ole US of A has bestowed plenty of awesome alternatives:  Think pulled pork, barbecue ribs, crispy wings and juicy slow cooked brisket. Y’all hungry yet? In no particular order, here are our top 5 American restaurants in East London.

dukes platter


Okay, we lied – This is our favourite. Home of the hip Beavertown Brewery and a haven for lovers of all things low and slow, Dukes is seriously superb. Don’t miss the Bastardo hot wings, or the steaming hot Fried Pickles that epitomise crispiness. Head there with an appetite and order Dukes Greatest Hits. The massive Beef rib is a master-class in barbecue and the accompanying pork rib, pulled pork, pickled onions, slaw and Texas toast hit it out of the park. Great, really really great!


If you’ve yet to try the BBQ Beef Burnt Ends at Bodeans, stop reading this and haul-ass to their City Road restaurant to sample the pinnacle of Kansas City barbecue cooking. Slow smoked chunks of beef brisket, smothered in a secret rub and cooked for an eternity, giving new meaning to the word delicious. They’ve plenty more meaty treats too.


Fancy yourself as the next Adam Richman? Take on the Devastator challenge: A giant 18oz patty, Applewood smoked bacon, pulled pork and American cheese crammed into a bun makes for one mouth-wateringly intimidating burger. Add a side of fries and a massive milkshake to really sort the weak from the strong. You’ve got 10 minutes to finish. Many have failed, including us.


Need a feed that’s delivered at speed? This Spitalfields kiosk dishes up simple, yet seriously delicious burgers. Save room for their stellar milkshakes.


Come for the food but stay for the music. The sensational cocktails and craft beers rock as hard as the live acts gracing their stage. Their wings are out of this World and deciding who gets the last one has instigated many a domestic feud. We love the smoky New Orleans gumbo, a true taste of the Deep South.

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