Oh the weather outside was frightful, but the Tacos were so delightful. I was busy contemplating ways to escape an afternoon of Christmas shopping in the wintry West End when Mrs Flavour suggested we combine it with a trip to Mexican eatery Corazón. I tossed on my Poncho and Sombrero and we were out the door quicker than you could say tired stereotyping. We agreed to eat before buying any presents, thus fuelling us with enough deliciousness to brave the pre-Christmas crowds. As luck would have it, they had a table beside a chilli strung Christmas tree with our name on it.


With its stone flooring and tasteful pale green walls, Corazón reminded us of a modern agave plantation villa. The spicy aromas filling the dining room must’ve been the reason they were packed with hip young Taconistas. Our charming hostess talked us through the menus and we spotted the word: “bottomless”. Sold! We opted for the Winter Warmer weekend brunch menu, offering all the Tacos and bottomless Mexican Mimosas needed to brave the shops.

With our orders taken, the first round of drinks arrived. Corazón’s Mexican Mimosa swirls prosecco with orange and delicate hibiscus to create an exotic combination, which went adios quicker than it should’ve, given the hour. I won’t tell you how many we put away, but ‘tis the season to be jolly was certainly an appropriate absolution. We were brought a selection of nibbles to line our bellies: Totopos, Guacamole and homemade salsas provided ample distraction from speed-drinking. The yummy breakfast hash and black beans whetted our appetites for the dishes to come.


Out came the Carnitas Tacos, which were reason enough to leave the sofa on a cold December day. Slow cooked pork belly in a marinade of o.j, oregano, chilli and cinnamon, laced with pickled jalapeno, salsa verde and crispy pork skin for good measure. These were a heavenly morsel with a kick like a Burro loco. They were followed by Baja Fish Tacos, which are probably what I’ll be asking Santa for this year. These treats combined beer battered Haddock with pickled cabbage and a smoky Chipotle mayo, all lovingly embraced by blue corn tortillas. Mrs Flavour was rather enamoured by these, so I wasted no time in ordering another portion (Mrs. Flavour’s note: – which you also polished off, you greedy Diablo).


We were perfectly satisfied, yet unable to resist the lure of the dessert menu. Our hostess recommended a decadent flourless chocolate cake and the coconut flan made with caramel, coconut milk and topped with toasted coconut. Both were scrumptious and provided a sweet conclusion to an excellent brunch. Best of all, we agreed we were far too full to attempt shopping and ordered two more Mexican Mimosas instead. Muchos gracias, Corazón. Feliz Navidad!

29 Poland Street
London, W1F 8QR


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