Do you favour the flavour of a savoury starter, or make a beeline for the main course? Either way, you’ll need to leave room for dessert at Bird of Smithfield this season. Their spring menu has been graced with four delectable desserts that will make you want to order back to front. We were lucky enough to get a preview taste and are more than happy to share the love:

BeFunky Collage

Sticky Toffee Pudding with butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, honeycomb and almond

A fond favourite of many a sweet-toothed foodie. Bird of Smithfield have delivered a masterclass in honouring this Prince among puddings. Decadent date sponge crowned with a honeycomb and almond crust, drizzled with rich and gooey butterscotch. Served with a quenelle of homemade vanilla ice cream for added deliciousness. Finish your meal with this and you’ll be smitten for life.

Blood Orange Set Custard with doughnuts, yoghurt ice cream and orange jelly

Feeling fruity? This zesty creation will take your taste buds on an early Summer holiday. A creamy thick custard, tucked in a handsome robe of gelatinous orange. The cheeky doughnut spheres are beautifully complimented by the tangy yoghurt ice cream. This one delivers a new sensation you’ll want to revisit.

Vanilla Baked Pear with almond financier, milk ice cream and white chocolate

Can anybody improve the taste of the noble Pear? Apparently so! Infused with Vanilla and baked to perfection, this heavenly dish serves everyone’s favourite fruit with a dressing of white chocolate and a side of luxurious milk ice cream. Paired with an almond financier, we’re looking at a legendary sweet.

Rhubarb Soufflé, rhubarb and custard ice cream (seasonal)

Soufflés are often said to be a challenge for all but the finest of chefs and Bird’s chefs have certainly risen to said challenge. Fluffy, tall and flavoursome, this fabulous dessert is set to grace the social media posts of many a Londoner over this season. Playfully toped with a ball of custard ice cream halved by a rhubarb middle, it’s a picture-perfect pudding.

By all means, make sure you’re sampling all courses at Bird of Smithfield but take it from us, you’d better save room for dessert or you’ll miss out on the sweetest of feelings.


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