We’d like to claim to be a mature, straight laced couple. However, telling such lies would land us with noses as long as our favourite fairytale Puppet/Boy. The National Theatre is currently hosting Dennis Kelly’s production of Pinocchio and to mark the event, House Restaurant is offering a Hi-Diddle-Dee-Tea. This Pinocchio themed afternoon tea is bound to appeal to kids of all ages, along with adults who refuse to grow up. We headed to House to sample the fun before the end of the run.


Our lively host lead us to a fine table with a view over the Thames. We sipped our well received Bellinis as we awaited our selection of culinary theatrics. Out came a quirky Perspex box bearing an assortment of afternoon treats aimed at guests of all ages. Savouries included some tasty finger sandwiches, filled with classic ham, plus an interesting hummus and green bean combo. Our personal favourites were the Stromboli pastries. These Southern Italian inspired home bakes came loaded with basil, tomato and gooey mozzarella. All the appeal and flavour of a good pizza but compact enough to leave room for the sweet treats.


We sampled the fruit scones first, unable to decide whether jam then cream, or cream then jam was the right way to do it. Regardless, they were devoured before you could say Jiminy Cricket. The Blue Fairy cakes were a nice touch, topped with a star to wish upon. We loved the nostalgic rainbow candyfloss and were impressed to learn the sugar was spun on site. The pretty candy pops will be a hit with the little ones and the fine selection of teas available should satisfy the more mature guests. We had a whale of a time celebrating this classic fantasy. We suggest our fair readers head to House Restaurant to take their taste buds on a trip to Pleasure Island.

House Restaurant
National Theatre, South Bank, SE1 9PX 

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