We were prowling the streets of Soho, on a hunt for fresh new flavours. An afternoon of research can be tough on the feet and bellies alike. Soon enough, the lure of lunchtime became overwhelming and we could walk no further without a tasty nibble. Fortunately for us, we’d stumbled upon Hoppers, one of the JKS Restaurants, the Sri Lankan sister to our much loved Gymkhana. Sold!

Clearly a local favourite, Hoppers had hungry guests queuing out the door for a table. We were seated at the bar counter, a squeeze for tall people but worth it for the tantalising aromas alone. Menus were delivered and the unfamiliar dishes confused us at first. As luck would have it, they’d included a handy glossary to help decipher their offerings. Flavour is the only language we speak (plus English, obviously) but before long we were slinging Sambols and dropping Dosas like Sri Lankan Slim Shady. These dishes were fire, yo!


Do Tamarind and Ginger Chicken wings excite you? How about Devilled Shrimp? We’ve tasted them and can’t stop raving about their awesomeness. The wings were selected from the finest fowl, with muscle tone to rival Chris Hensworth (sorry). They were huge, succulent and satisfying. As for those Shrimp, the Devil himself must’ve devilled them and they danced diabolically around our taste buds, bathing our senses in a luscious capsaicin inferno. Fiendishly good.


The mains came with an egg Hopper, a paper thin, bowl shaped pancake with an egg at its core. We opted to enjoy this new experience with some delicious Karis (Sri Lankan for incredibly good Curry). The Black Pork Kari bathed meaty morsels in a rich and fiery sauce which soaked beautifully into the Hopper. The heavenly quality of the Chicken Kari inspired an out of body experience, forcing our souls to transcend their Earthly bodies and soar to Nirvana on a cloud pure spicy satisfaction, until the bill arrived. We can’t wait to get ourselves back to Hoppers for another taste of Sri Lankan culinary excellence. In fact, better stop writing this and start queuing to get in. Peace out!


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