Did you know you can now board international trains from Bethnal Green? No? Nor did we. However, following our wild ride on the Murdér Express, we’ll be planning plenty more trips out of Pedley Street Station. The theatrical geniuses at Funicular Productions have teamed up with famed MasterChef (almost) winners Billy and Jack to deliver a unique immersive murder mystery dining experience. We grabbed our first class tickets and set off on a journey of drama and deliciousness. All aboard!


Rest assured you’ll find no spoilers aboard this article. The fun is in the mystery and we enjoyed every moment. From the minute we set foot inside Pedley Street Station, we became immersed in the golden era of rail travel, with the first class performers and heady cocktails from the Seven Sins platform bar drawing us deeper into the fantasy. A few drinks in, the illusion of travel became very credible. Mr Flavour even recognised the scenery from his homeland during the journey. Seated in our plush dining carriage and bound for Murdér, we eagerly awaited dinner.


Billy and Jack served a scrumptious menu which fitted the theme beautifully, marrying vintage favourites with the culinary flare that took them all the way to the MasterChef final. The spiced Mulligatawny soup had a velvety texture and subtle warmth which played well with a side of cucumber sandwich. The Butler’s steak delivered generous meaty portions with a delightful jus. The stuffed Savoy cabbage and scallop potatoes added more richness to an already decadent main. We finished the meal with a well executed apple tart. Speaking of execution, it was almost time to reveal the murderer’s identity. I told you, no spoilers!


We had a wonderful ride aboard the Murdér Express. We laughed; we cried (when it was over) and thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and drama alike. For a tasty trip back in time and a jovial journey to remember, grab your ticket to ride.



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