Recently opened in the heart of Rathbone Market, Zzetta is a new artisan ‘pizzeria’ bringing a simple yet different take on everyone’s doughy favourite.
It represents its neighbourhood in both produce and décor, from stylish street inspired tables to simple fresh ingredients.


Zzetta are keen to cement their reputation for high quality pizza and their offerings didn’t disappoint. The menu keeps it easy and quick but still offers an interesting variety and options – vegan, gluten free and Halal pizzas were all available on request.

Browsing the drinks list, our attention was immediately caught by their mango shake beer. It was tangy, refreshing and perfectly matched our piping hot pizzas. We were pleasantly surprised by the presence of a smoked salmon pizza, which isn’t typically common in London. An old Italian favourite of ours and certainly worth a try! Our second choice was the chicken pesto and peppers pizza with white base, topped with beautifully fresh datterini tomatoes. The authenticity of technique and ingredients made this pizza fit for Pavarotti!

Their delicious food and casual ambience were a hit. We loved the pizza pallets which hung from ceiling, each engraved with fond market memories.

Friendly, modern and best of all tasty, Zzetta is set to become a local favourite.

Zzetta, Rathbone Market, 110 Barking Rd, London E16 1EN  

Flavour Guest Reviewer: Ylenia Mezzetti
Photography: Vojtech Bartonicek


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