West End shopping on a Saturday afternoon is reason enough for a cheeky drink or two. With that in mind, we landed at the counter of Spuntino on Rupert street with retail weary feet and shop induced stress levels. Did somebody say Negroni Week? Hallelujah! Two Campari based tipples later, we melted into our American/Italian surroundings and already felt far more Berlusconi than Trump (whichever is better).


Spuntino have re-purposed an old butchers shop as a tastefully rustic bar cum eatery. Cool urbanites grace the counter, sipping cocktails and nibbling a delicious fusion of American and Italian comfort food. The format suits a lunchtime respite and we imagine the venue would teem with atmosphere in the evening. They have a small funky looking private dining room too. Their menu brimmed with well known favourites and a couple of dishes we’d yet to discover. Like a pair of half-cut Christopher Columbuses, we charted a course for the New World of flavour.


We ordered up a few deep-fried delicacies which glistened like Mayan gold. The breaded olives stuffed with anchovy vanished faster than Donald’s wall schematics but were far easier to stomach than his policies. Asparagus fried in a breadcrumb coat were a pleasing treat for the palette. More Negroni please.

We sampled a few lovely sliders. Both the ground beef and pulled pork versions were very satisfying. Palm sized and packed with juiciness, we resisted the temptation to attempt a one-bite finish. Shortly afterwards, we tried our first Bismarck pancake. Like a Yorkshire pudding and filled with yummy fried chicken and maple syrup, we sunk this bad boy like a Battleship. For dessert we had Brooklyn Toast. Brace yourselves: Homemade Nutella ice cream, sandwiched lovingly between deep fried, caramelised French toast. Bada Bing! It was phenomenal and made leaving our seats a struggle, or was that the Negroni?


With the high street calling, we settled up and resumed our shopping mission, albeit with blurry vision and slightly bigger waistlines. We’ve no problem with gaining a few pounds after such a pleasant lunchtime. Spuntino, we salute you!

61 Rupert St, Soho, London W1D 7PW

More food photos: Mr&Mrs Flavour

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