Following a rare Friday night in, Mrs Flavour and I awoke with an apparent case of sobriety induced delirium. Forgetting all prior knowledge of how London works, we set off on a pre-Christmas Saturday shopping trip to the West End. Madness! After less than an hour of braving the Oxford street mosh pit, we threw in the towel and set off towards Soho for something we’re good at; eating pasta!

Lina Stores on Greek Street was firmly on our wish list and Christmas came early today. We snatched the last two stools at the counter, much to the dismay of the couple who were turned away just after us. I guess they were on the naughty list. The open kitchen was alive with creation; busy chefs with superhuman multitasking abilities tended pans of Italian deliciousness. The cheerful hostess delivered an impossibly scrumptious menu for our consideration, advising on a few sharing dishes each while we wondered if it would be bad form to order everything.

Forsaking our greedy instincts, we picked a modest selection of small dishes: Trumpet mushroom and taleggio arancini paired with gorgonzola arancini delivered satisfaction in a small package, a bit like those earrings Mrs Flavour has been hinting at for Christmas, albeit far cheesier. The spicy Calabrian ‘nduja and buffalo ricotta was an epic battle between Ice cool creaminess and chilli sausage fire, played out across thin crisp focaccia, as opposed to the crisp frozen north of Westeros.

StartersIt’s pasta time! Leading the charge was the agnolotti verdi, black truffle and ricotta. Perfectly filled agnolotti with light ricotta and fresh shavings of black truffle – Mrs Flavour’s favourite. Seeing her eyes light up with every opulent forkful had me frantically googling where to buy fresh truffles. It’s what the lady deserves! I devoured a meaty dish of pappardelle bathed in slow cooked veal ragu, which was superb. We shared a zesty plate of spaghetti with Dorset crab, chilli and lemon, which lasted mere seconds in the flurry of our duelling forks.  Pasta.jpgWith our senses blissfully numbed by carbohydrate goodness, we gathered our shopping bags and offered our dining space to the next lucky couple. We’ll certainly be coming back again. Lina Stores’ menu has many more dishes we’re aching to sample and with plenty more shopping days before Christmas, we’re ready for you London!

Lina Stores
51 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4EH 



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