Keen to start our last Saturday night on the right foot, we scored a table at TraTra, the basement bistro bar at the Boundary Project in Shoreditch. Joined by our friends, we sipped our crisp sparkling chardonnay and marvelled at the vibrant dining space. The long room features a glass fronted working kitchen along one wall. The tall ceilings were decorated with a light strewn constellation tapestry, providing the room with pleasingly intimate acoustics while giving diners a beautiful focal distraction. The rear quarters were reserved for private dining, with space for smaller groups to enjoy a more secluded evening. The venue features live music and DJs from Thursday to Saturday, giving us another reason to visit again.


The menu focuses firmly on sharing boards, aimed at creating a social atmosphere amongst groups of diners. With 4 tempting types of board to choose from, we couldn’t help but order them all. The Charcuterie and terrine board presented a fine selection of cured meats, served with pickles and a scrumptious duck, date and pork terrine. The vegetarian option featured crisp vegetable tempura, grilled cauliflower and some rather tasty aubergine caviar. It even came with frites and some moreish garlic dip. The seafood board delivered rich smoked haddock beignets, a classic prawn cocktail served on lettuce and fresh slices of tuna tartare. Finally, the cheese board offered a sumptuous selection of creamy, strong and smooth French cheeses complimented by a spiced chutney. The baskets of fresh bread and whipped butter helped us savour this mighty selection as we caught up on recent events.


The staff at TraTra were wonderfully friendly and attentive. TraTra’s great location, tasteful décor and tasty food make this venue more than worth a thought when planning your event. For more information on booking your private event at TraTra, the Boundary Project, or many other great Shoreditch venues, get in touch with your friends at Flavour Venue Search.

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