Sundays are typically as productive as a Parliamentary vote for Mr and Mrs Flavour. Just as most couples, we like to Netflix and chill under the duvet until our hangovers subside. When the good people at the Turul Project invited us to their Sunday evening pop-up, we were out of bed quicker than the mythological bird of prey they’re named after.


Led by head chef Mihaly Valincsek and General Manager Istvan Ruska, this new pop-up promised to deliver the very best in Hungarian fine dining. We’re pleased to report that Mihaly, Istvan and their merry band of talented colleagues were as good as their word. We enjoyed a wonderful evening consisting of friendly hosting, passionate service and some top-notch Hungarian flavours. Our evening was held at Nanashi in Shoreditch, a lovely little Japanese restaurant we’re sure to visit in future, especially as their charming Manager plied us with his delicious maple Sake. Perfect for saying sayonara to our Godzilla sized hangovers.

Speaking of fantastic beasts, the menu was a monster! We kicked off with an Attila strength Hungarian brandy which readied our taste buds for new sensations. Next came a flavoursome Venison sausage, beautifully complimented with Tokaji vinegar mayo and a very generous shaving of truffle.

Venison sausage

Seeing the words Root Vegetable Compositions on any menu would typically offend our carnivorous compulsions, but this dish was amazing! Clever textures of fresh veggies delivered in crumb, puree and pickled forms. Their innovative quality made us consider vegetarianism…


…right up until the Pork Belly arrived. A meaty slab topped with crisp crackling, perched on a celeriac mash and lavished with a rich juniper jus. This was followed by a juicy fillet of Trout, putting any ideas of a meat free life back in their box.

Pork belly

Dessert was a real treat. This was our first taste of Nudli, simple boiled mini dumplings that were pimped with a vanilla and walnut coating. These tasty morsels came with a delicate rosehip sorbet, which combined with the other flavours to create a wonderfully unique pudding. A perfect end to a fabulous dining experience.


We finished the last of our wine and fooled ourselves that if we went to bed early, we’d feel right as rain the following morning. Our time at the Turul Project taught us that Hungarians are as hospitable as their food is delicious. If you fancy a taste for yourself, follow @turulproject or email info@flavourvenuesearch.com to learn about booking private dining events with a difference.


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